Unión Ganadera Regional de Tamaulipas

Calzada Gral. Luis Caballero #38 Col. Tamatán. Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
(834) 31 2 05 55 | (834) 31 2 70 30 | (834) 31 2 71 33 | (834) 31 2 72 37 | (834) 30 60 752

But Lima is not all haute cuisine. Ceviche is on almost every menu and tastes like the fish was caught that day, whether you fine dining at La Mar, Acurio hip cevicheria in Miraflores, or nearby at the local market. At Mercado 1 in the suburb of Surquillo, neatly organised produce stalls pop with colour and there are more varieties of fruits and vegetables than I ever seen, from purple and white corn with huge kernels to exotic looking knobbly potatoes.

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