Unión Ganadera Regional de Tamaulipas

Calzada Gral. Luis Caballero #38 Col. Tamatán. Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
(834) 31 2 05 55 | (834) 31 2 70 30 | (834) 31 2 71 33 | (834) 31 2 72 37 | (834) 30 60 752

If you are sensitive to energy at all you will feel it when you touch them, and moreso when they touch you, it goes through you. People fall over flailing and babbling incoherently, run laps around the chapel while the music continues to play and the pastor words continue to boom through the PA speakers. If it a special occasion they might even break out the olive oil and start anointing things, they love anointing and blessing stuff (just don call it a talisman, they don like that).

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