Unión Ganadera Regional de Tamaulipas

Calzada Gral. Luis Caballero #38 Col. Tamatán. Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
(834) 31 2 05 55 | (834) 31 2 70 30 | (834) 31 2 71 33 | (834) 31 2 72 37 | (834) 30 60 752

Ski Team; though, at the time, there wasn’t much of a team to speak of it was still mostly a collection of individuals. Obscurity and mediocre results were fixtures of the American cross country experience. That reached a new low at the 2005World Championships inOberstdorf, Germany, when the American women’s 4 X 5km relay team was taken off course for not being fast enough.

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